Perfect air cleaner

The air quality in my home has been despicable lately, so following the advice of my doctor, I had the indoor air conditions diagnosed.

  • I called a highly-regarded air quality specialist to come out to my home, and learned that, indeed, the air quality was awful! The only real solution was to buy a whole home air purification system.

This was a system that’d go into my heating and cooling system. They share the same thermostat. This state of the art air cleaner comes through the air vents and can be run with or without the heating and air conditioning. This is the only thing I could do to improve the air quality in my home. The air quality is too bad for a portable air purifier to do anything. So, I bought the recommended equipment. I went and made the investment into the whole home air cleaner. Once installed, the home air purification plan began to show promise, after only a few days of using it. I could see the air quality getting better! Then, within a week it was almost like I had never had an air quality issue! The air quality was great! I had the air quality specialist come out and test it again, after a few weeks of the whole home air purification plan, and all was perfect! The whole home air purification plan turned out to be the perfect indoor media air cleaner!

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