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A lot of couples struggle when it comes to dealing with the in-laws. I personally have multiple friends who are always saying it’s difficult to tolerate their partner’s parents. They also say how they never get along with the other side of the family. For my partner & I however, this is absolutely insane because our families get along perfectly fine! This last week for instance, I received a call when I was at work from my partner’s mother. She is an older woman, & she told me that she really needed help getting her air conditioning device back up & running. I suggested to her that she could simply call any old Heating, Ventilation & A/C device business, but she kept on saying that it would be a substantial waste of cash. Even though it was going to get me in a heap of trouble, I took off from work & told my boss that I would be back later when my Mother-in-Law was taken care of. I looked up a couple of YouTube videos on how to repair air conditioning devices on your own, & went on to spend the next few hours working on her old HVAC device. I was able to get it up & running eventually, & my mother in law was so excited, she jumped up to give me a substantial hug. I believe that treating in-laws like your own parents is a good thing because there will be a lot less tension & a lot more love in the relationship.

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