Personal trainer helps me get in shape for wedding

As soon as my boyfriend and I got engaged, I started planning the wedding.

I realized that I had right around twelve months to lose some weight and get in better shape before the ceremony. I wanted to look my best and feel confident for the ceremony, photographs and honeymoon. I was determined to improve my way of life. I started drinking more water, getting more sleep at night and eating healthy. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to properly work out to get fit. Working out on my own proved very unsuccessful. I started optimistic and headed off on a lengthy run. I didn’t sufficiently warm up my muscles beforehand, and I wore a pair of old, cheap sneakers. I ended up so stiff and sore, with such painful feet, that I missed two days of work. I then turned to workout videos that I discovered online. I underestimated the amount of space needed to complete the various exercises. At one point, I kicked the coffee table, knocked over and broke a picture frame and bruised my leg. After that, I signed up for a rather expensive gym membership. I was super intimidated by all of the people at the gym, and I wasn’t sure how to use all the different equipment. While at the gym, I spotted a flyer on the bulletin board, advertising the services of a personal trainer. Calling the personal trainer changed everything. She helped me to further improve my eating habits and at each training session, guided me through an intense series of exercises. While the workouts were extremely demanding, I never got hurt or discouraged. I felt really good about myself. I managed to drop the weight, tone my muscles and looked my best for my wedding. Since then, I’ve continued to meet with my personal trainer twice per week and achieve new fitness goals.



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