Plan B might be better

Occasionally in life you meet someone who impresses you more than any other person before. I was introduced to a gentleman last year that entirely fit that description. He worked several jobs, raised his small children on his own, and still found time to help others. I am not even organized to labor and take care of the home so I couldn’t imagine his life. He is genuinely organized and I suppose that this is key to his success. The other thing that is amazing is the fact that he as back up plans for back up plans. Take for instance his adolescents, if a single is sick or there is an unexpected university closure, he never even has to suppose about it. He has several people lined up to care for them without hesitation. I was entirely blown away while visiting him a single day. The people I was with and I were in the basement and he was showing myself and others some of the new tools he had gotten when I observed a sizable container in the corner. I asked him what he had ordered and he said it was a new boiler. I said I didn’t suppose anything was wrong with his and he said that it was working fine. He said he just felt love he needed to be prepared in the event that his broke. The a single he had was about fifteen years seasoned so I think I could see why he would be concerned. Most people, however, don’t purchase a backup Heating and Air Conditioning unit, “just in case”. It is a huge investment although he said that he had purchased it because it was last year’s model and he got a entirely wonderful deal. I can’t imagine thinking that far ahead but I admire him for the fact that he is.

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