Planning now for the upcoming summer HVAC use

This summer is finally going to be different.

  • I’m actually going to fully address the situation with the air conditioning around here.

The region we live in comes with a brutally hot summer. It’s four months straight of temps hovering around the hundred degree mark. And that has caused me to lean a bit too much on the air conditioning to manage the heat season. The cost of air conditioning our home just got to be unsustainable. I couldn’t, in good conscience, pay the equivalent of a new car payment each month for air conditioning during the summer. So this year, I’m going all in on a strategy to change that. But like every year, I will be including the air conditioning tune-up in the spring from the HVAC professionals. Still, I have more to do on my own to get the peak efficiency possible from that HVAC equipment. To that end, I’ve got a big of a strategy put together. Along with the air conditioning tune-up, I’m having the HVAC technician install a smart thermostat. This way, I won’t be overpaying for air conditioning as the smart thermostat will navigate the peak heating hours much better than I can. But I’m also going to make sure that I seal the house up tight to keep the HVAC cooling in and the heat out. We also purchased some solar shades to put on the windows that get the direct sunlight heating. This will mitigate that problem and should help to significantly lower our HVAC utility bill. Honestly, I’m sort of excited to see just how much I save this summer on HVAC cooling.



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