Playing Outside of the Local Business This Evening with Friends

I played ball a bit too late last night and couldn’t sleep well as a result.

I was tossing and turning all night like I had a cup of coffee before going to bed as the adrenaline of playing sports doesn’t wear off for a few hours. I’ll be okay today with a few naps and a couple of good meditation sessions. This happens every time I play in the summer because it doesn’t get dark till 10pm and by the time I get home it is already 11pm and I still need to shower and eat dinner. I keep the smart thermostat set to 68 F at night to cool me down after a hot day on the beach, which seems to normally help me sleep well but last night I was just too stoked from winning all of the games we played. My mind likes to go through the plays when I am trying to sleep. At least I have a central HVAC system to keep me comfortable unlike my last flat where I was pretty much tossing and turning every night in the summer trying to fall asleep. There is nothing worse than sweating in your sheets while you try to sleep. I rented this place solely because it had a new heating and cooling system which I knew would help me sleep better each night. I don’t use the heat so much in the winter because I like it cooler in my flat but there are some nights that go well below freezing and the central heating is necessary.

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