Please Don’t Forget to Register the HVAC Warranty

Too much information results in too much paper.

I’m that freak who simply doesn’t trust the cloud.

If it’s important, I want a hard copy. Just like if the HVAC shuts down on a cold night, I have a wood stove. That seems completely sane to me. However, it results in heaps of paper which I then have to find a place for. This never, ever happens in a timely fashion. Between the mail and the printer, there is more paper in my house than a fancy stationery store. Unfortunately, there is a cycle which happens over and over with near Swiss regularity. The paper ends up overflowing from the dining room table and the desk in our home office. So, we swoop in only to make piles and shove them somewhere out of sight thinking we’ll get back to it and sort/file them properly. But this is not the worst part. After a few cycles of shoving piles of paper in cubby holes, I need to find something important. This just happened with our new HVAC warranty. We just had our heating and cooling unit replaced almost 2 months ago. It suddenly dawned on me that I might not have registered the warranty with the factory. In most cases, you have like a max of 90 days to do this. I went ripping through all of those piles like a madman to try to get my hands on that warranty. There was paper everywhere and I was in a near screaming panic when my wife came in the room. She took one look at me, shook her head and told me she registered the warranty online two days after we got the new HVAC unit.

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