Politely declined the handyman for HVAC issue

I really do appreciate that there are people in my life who are always so willing to reach out and help.

However, I find that most often, those people also are sure that they know what’s good for me as well.

So it’s sort of part help and favor and part just wanting to be right. That was the case recently when I had a bit of an HVAC situation. The HVAC unit didn’t like fully breakdown or anything. Actually, it’s almost 20 years old and this HVAC unit has never fully broken down before. I have to attribute that to the consistent HVAC maintenance that thing has received year after year. No, I came home to notice that the HVAC was just running and running. The thermostat was set at a modest temperature but the air conditioning just couldn’t keep up. For sure, I was concerned that perhaps the HVAC unit had finally succumbed to age and was on the way out. I happened to mention this to the neighbor and the next thing I know, he has it all figured out for me. My neighbor had a good heart but a stubborn head. He told me that he’d get his handyman out here to have a look at my HVAC unit. Well, that’s the last thing I wanted. One, I didn’t want to be on the hook for this favor. And two, nobody but the HVAC professionals are touching my HVAC equipment. So I demured but the guy just wasn’t having it as he kept pressing. Finally, I just had to tell him bluntly my feelings about having only credentialed HVAC technicians attempting an HVAC repair.


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