Poor air quality ruins your health

I have a hard time understanding why people are always telling me how poor my air quality is.

I have cats and a dog.

I do all of my cooking at home and I only eat fish and vegetables. Of course there are going to be some odors in my house. My father told me that he taught me better and I should know that poor air quality was just ruining my health. I already had allergies and I was forever sneezing and coughing, but I didn’t think that the odors in my house were making them worse. My father came over the other day and he told me that I needed to do something about my air quality. He brought new air filters with him and he changed out the air filter in my air conditioning unit. He cleaned the AC unit and he called to have the ductwork professionally cleaned. He even had the cost put on his credit account. He told me that he should have been more adamant about having the HVAC system inspected before I bought the house, but he thought I knew how important it was. Now, he was feeling guilty for not insisting on the inspections. He said he would have paid for it if that was the problem. I have always had problems with my health. My father knew that air quality was important if you wanted good health and my air quality was beyond poor. My air quality was sick and I need more ventilation. I also needed to have an air purifier installed, which my dad paid for and told me I was responsible for the payments.

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