Portable AC operates on water

One of the coolest gifts I’ve ever received was a portable a/c, however when I went away for school, our dad got myself and others this portable AC; It was a heavy duty portable AC plus was able to be used virtually anywhere.

I used it in our dorm for the first year I was away for university plus then I even used it in our car for a stage of time when the AC in our car went out; The best part about the portable AC was that it was operated by adding chilly water to the device.

When I used it in our dorm room, I always had ice available. When I used it in our car, I kept a cool full of chilly water in the back. When I got into our car after class on those boiling Summer afternoons, I would grab several bottles of ice water from the cooler. It was the best part of our morning, sporadically, I would even take the portable AC camping plus on trips. The noise was less that what a window unit a/c would make, but less a little more than a normal sound maker. I loved the little portable AC. It finally stopped toiling about 5 years after it was gifted to me. I recently found them online for a genuinely great deal plus bought one for myself and others plus our friend. The two of us take them to the beach, camping, plus even use them in the office occasionally!

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