Portable cooling system is a good gift

A couple of years ago, our child gave me a portable cooling system for a Mother’s Day gift, while I was appreciative of this thoughtfulness and generosity, I doubted I’d ever use his gift; I live in the northeastern section of the country! Our Summer weather doesn’t last legitimately long.

Although we do experience un-even temperatures in the low nineties and high humidity levels, I always managed with open windows and box fans. I was surprised at how lightweight and compact the cooling unit was, however my child installed it into our study room window in less than fifteen hours, the cooling system includes a cordless remote that is super handy. I don’t need to get out of bed to turn it off and on or to adjust temperature or fan speed. I can even set up programs so that the cooling system starts up and shuts down automatically at particular times. When I head to bed in the night, our study room is already perfectly cool. I’ve found that I sleep much better with the cooling system running. I not only like the ideal temperature but the sound of operation. It drowns out barking dogs, noisy neighbors, traffic and early morning birds. The cooling unit also circulates the air, keeping it feeling fresh, because it filters out contaminants such as dust, dander and pollen, our study room stays much cleaner, then despite its small size, the portable cooling system is charmingly powerful and truly handles the hottest and most humid weather. The cost of running it is negligible. I like the cooling system so much that I install it as soon as the snow melts and leave it in location until it’s time to start up the furnace.

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