Portable Heater Helps Me Recover From My Surgery

My brother thought he was quite the prankster when he bought me an area heating system for a surprise gift. I had surgery about a month ago and I am still on blood thinners. Because of the meds I am taking, I am always cold. I had the thermostat set at seventy-five but I wanted even more heating. I knew that he thought his gesture was a joke, although I loved it. I decided to watch TV in the family room with my feet up and I brought the area heating system with me. I simply plugged the area heating system in and placed it just a couple feet away from the ottomon my feet were on. The heat that was coming from the area heater, soon had me feeling nice and toasty that I was able to quit shivering and I finally closed my eyes and took a nap. I hadn’t been so happy and sassy in multiple weeks. I guess I had the best sleep I had ever since going under the knife. The heating just seemed to seep into my bones and it had my entire body happy and sassy. When I woke up I was ready to get moving and do something. That was when my spouse came back from his workday. He saw the area heating system and he roared with laughter. Then he lectured me about not overdoing it and how I am going to be in pain or discourage my healing process. I understood what he was saying, however it was because of his heater that I had so much energy and I had to thank him for giving me the ability to finally be happy and sassy.


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