Portable restrooms and porta potties are the same thing

I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who owns a campground, however she told myself and others they had recently gained more than nine portable restrooms to put around the campground, and they had some complaints about needing to walk a quarter of a mile to the restrooms.

She thought that was part of the camping experience, but many people didn’t want to walk that far when they needed to go, or in the middle of the night.

I simply laughed when she said about getting up in the middle of the night. If my husband had to walk a quarter of a mile, he would have found a tree to hide behind. She said her husband felt the same way, but women didn’t, but with the more than nine portable restrooms, they had them conveniently located when it was maybe a hundred yards, max, from all campers. I asked why they called them portable restrooms, and not porta-potties? She laughed and said that most of the people who camp in this area were more refined! Porta-potties sounded akin to something for teenagers, and they wanted portable restrooms, and they were the same thing. She said they call them portable restrooms, but my associate and I call them porta-potties. I’m just blissful to my associate and I have them where my teenagers play soccer, and I don’t care what they call them. They can call them porta-potties, portable restrooms, or portable relief centers. Regardless of what they call them, they are used for the same purpose and they absolutely all look the same. It’s funny how she brought up portable restrooms, but my husband finally came home from labor that afternoon and asked if I had everything packed; he was also taking our kid on a camping trip, along with the rest of his boy scout troop.


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