Pre-College Journey Nearly Ruined Due to Broken Air Conditioning

After graduation last year, my lady and I decided to journey our way across the country.

We would be going to school in different places that were more than a thousand miles apart and the two of us knew the two of us wouldn’t be seeing each other much after the summer.

We had the car checked and knowing the two of us would be going through the desert, the two of us talked about calling the garage so the two of us could have the air conditioner component checked. Neither of us wanted to go without the air conditioner when the rapidly increasing temperatures were close to 130 degrees in the western states. We spent 3 weeks planning our journey and the two of us were genuinely excited to get a move on. As soon as graduation was over, the two of us headed house to pack the car with everything we needed for the journey. We had food for the trip and the two of us were all excited for our big adventure. We were only a couple of hours into the journey of our lives when the two of us realized the two of us hadn’t ever made it into the garage to have our air conditioner tested. I don’t guess if the two of us would have realized this if our air conditioner hadn’t annoyingly begun to blow overheated air. I could have kicked myself and my lady was totally beside herself. We were in the middle of the desert and the two of us had no a/c at all. Even with the windows down, the air was blowing hot and heavy. I was surprised to see a billboard, in the middle of nowhere, that displayed a garage that did AC service and it was pretty close. I knew it was the savior of our journey, however it didn’t save my lady’s opinion of my stupidity.
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