Professional duct cleaning is essential to heating/cooling system performance

I’ve realized that to ensure healthy indoor air quality and efficient operation from the HVAC system, professional duct cleaning is necessary.

Approximately every three to five years, I hire a local contractor to remove any buildup of dust and debris from within the duct system.

They bring in a piece of equipment that looks a lot like an industrial vacuum cleaner with an extensive hose and brush attachment. The contaminants get dislodged from the ducts and safely sucked up. A clean duct system facilitates airflow, moving maximum heated or cooled air to the rooms of the house and reducing strain on the furnace and air conditioner. The system doesn’t need to work as hard or run as long, which saves money on monthly utility bills. I can be sure that the air my family breathes is clean. If there’s dust, mold, mouse feces, mildew and other harmful toxins concealed inside the ducts, it can get spread throughout the house, breathed by my family and present a significant health risk. Investing in regular professional duct cleaning protects against aggravated symptoms of allergies, asthma and respiratory infection. It gets rid of odor causing particles that can cause a musty smell in the house. I can also expect the furnace and air conditioner to operate more reliably and last longer. A properly maintained duct system ensures the heating and cooling equipment is operating at peak efficiency and capacity. The duct cleaning process is not overly expensive, doesn’t take more than a couple of hours and causes no mess or damage. I like the peace of mind of knowing the ducts are operating safely and properly.



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