Putting up a fence for the dog

A little over two years ago, my husband and I got a puppy.

She chose an Airedale puppy because they are smart, friendly dogs that don’t shed.

Since my husband has allergy issues, this type of dog was a good choice for us. When we brought our puppy home, she was smaller than my husband’s foot. Taking her outside to play was fun and she tired very quickly. We could easily catch her if she tried to run off. However, our little puppy grew very quickly. By the time of her first year birthday, she weighed in at 62 pounds. She is not a gigantic dog who loves to play fetch, dig holes and run. She has endless amounts of energy and does not like to be trapped inside for long hours. We needed a way to let the dog outside and not worry about her running off or wandering in the road. We didn’t like the idea of chaining her up. This would have restricted her activities and we worried about the chain getting wrapped around her neck. The solution was the installation of a fence. I did some research and read the customer reviews for local fence companies. There were quite a few companies to choose from. We chose the one that offers free estimates and 100% satisfaction guarantee. They sent a contractor out to inspect the site and write up an estimate the day after I called them. Within two weeks, the fence was fully installed. The fence has added value, usability and convenience to our property. The dog absolutely loves the ability to be outside on her own.