Quality honey

I like to go on getaway. Who doesn’t, right? But I am not someone who needs a sizable resort or lavish hotels and meals and adventures. I like self-explanatory getaways that don’t cost an arm and a leg and that just bring relaxation and peace with them. One of the things to do is go to a single of the nearby mountain towns and rent a humble chalet. I can bring our pet along, and she gets a getaway too. ONe of the fun things to do while in the country atmosphere is to go to craft stores and roadside stands for cute things and delicious food. The last time I headed off on our little adventure, I discovered a roadside honey stand. I decided to stop and see if I wanted to get anything. I was so glad I stopped because I appreciated getting to think the beekeeping lady who was there at the table. I did not actually think the lady was going to be the actual beekeeper, but she was. She told me all about how honey has natural properties to help with seasonal dust sensitivities. She told me all about duties of beekeeping and the struggles of taking care of the bees and ensuring there is consistently a healthy queen bee. She also told me about how some of the critters are now endangered and it is up to the beekeeping community to make sure they are not eradicated. As such, bee removal and relocation is the way to get rid of them if they become pests in your home. There is a lot of compassion for the bees that shows through in this man when she speaks about her prized honey-makers. Of course, I purchased a sizable jar of honey and still have it in our cupboard.