Radiant floor heating in cold climates

My friend moved up north a couple of years ago for a task opportunity.

She genuinely prefers it up there and I finally visited her for the first time last week.

It was a good part and our friend had a good home. One of the more interesting parts of her house was the radiant floor heating. Since both of us are from the south, heating was never genuinely 1 of our top problems. She explained that the condo came with radiant floor heating and that it is usually genuinely high-priced to have an HVAC provider install. She explained that the radiant floor heating made it genuinely nice in the Winter because her floor tends to be the coldest part of her house (she has brick and hardwood flooring). The cold Winter and constant use of heating is not something that I envy. I’ll keep our heat pump down south and pay large amounts for our cooling instead! Honestly, it’s not the price of heating or cooling that I wouldn’t like. I’m either paying more for heating, more for cooling or cutting the cost between heating and cooling. What I don’t love is being cold. I would genuinely rather be too sizzling than too cold (I know a lot of you are going to disagree with that perspective, but it’s how I feel!). All in all, I’ll be trying to visit our friend in the summers only! The Summer is usually when I take our vacation nights anyway- plus, I’ll save on our own a/c! It’s a win-win for both of us. Maybe she’ll start going to see me in the winters to save on her heating cost.



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