Radiant flooring for my pet

My pet dragon just likes hanging out in our screened in porch! Every day in the Summer I placed there for ten minutes so that she can soak up the sun! She cannot stay out too long because it can be too hot, then there particularly is no way for him to cool down outside as well as I don’t want him to get hurt or anything, but in the winter, it is simply too cold for him to be outdoors. She loves running as well as playing in the big porch section though so I suppose awful when I have to put him back in her little terrarium. I wish there was some way to have some temperature control in the blocked in porch! Darby is so close to the ground that I assume some sort of underfloor heating as well as cooling idea would work well. I have heard that there are pipes that can be installed directly under the flooring and they move hot water through them if you want heat! Cold water goes through them if you want to be cooled off. With the temperature set to 79 degrees year round, Darby could live outside year round. It would not matter that the majority of the temperature controlled air goes out of all of the screens because the floor would still stay comfortable for my lizard. I imagine that something adore this would be easily expensive though, but maybe not too. I would only have to install underfloor heating and cooling in under 160 square feet. I absolutely want to look into it for our little buddy.

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