Radiator repairs

I’m a pretty old-fashioned guy. I like chopping and stacking wood for the fireplace in my home, because it gives me a greater sense of respect and accomplishment for keeping warm through the night. Of course, I’m no animal – I have a heating system in my house that runs on boiling-hot water to keep warm, as I’m not always up for staying awake to stoke a fire! The radiator system in my house is composed of two radiators – one on the first floor in my living room, and the other on the second floor in the hallway between my bedroom and bathroom. Since there’s two radiators in the house, the boiler in the basement tends to work double-time to keep both systems running, but it doesn’t always work without a hitch. Recently, I had to pay some pretty big bucks to get my boiler repaired, as well as the piping leading to the radiators themselves. That’s the thing – no one ever tells you that using a radiator means you have to keep antifreeze in the pipes! I left home for a few days for a work-related trip out of town, and it totally slipped my mind to put the chemicals into my pipes. When I came home, I had a massive mess to clean up. Water damage is no joke! Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t mind chopping wood to keep a fire going in my fireplace. After the extensive repair bills for the radiators and boiler, as well as the cleanup costs from the water damage, I’ll be sticking to a fireplace as my heat source for a long time!

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