Rainy weather requires indoor workouts

It’s rained every single day for nearly a month.

The outside temperature isn’t overly chilly, but the skies are gray and the ground is wet. I prefer to handle my workouts outdoors. I like to go for a six mile run or pedal my bike for an hour or so. Quite often, I take my bike to a nearby soccer field where I have access to wide open space and smooth pavement. I strap a yoga mat to the bike and then take around 45 minutes to exercise. I do lunges, push-ups and abdominal crunches. I sometimes run some sprints in order to work up a good sweat before riding my bike home again. I benefit from a fantastic workout, and it just feels wonderful inhaling fresh air and feeling the sun on my skin. Exercising outside always puts me in a good mood. I enjoy more energy all through the rest of the day. Due to the rain, I’ve been stuck working out inside every day this week. It’s not as fun and creates a bit of a challenge. My square footage is limited. I’m always concerned that I’ll cause damage to furnishings. I prefer to handle my workout first thing in the morning. Because my husband sleeps later than I do, I either have to be especially quiet or delay the workout. Playing loud music works to motivate me. My workouts have not been as beneficial due to the weather. I am no longer excited to workout and don’t accomplish as much during the session. I feel slightly guilty for not pushing myself to work harder. I’m not burning as many calories. I need to get my heart rate up and get sweaty to keep myself in peak physical shape. I am considering heading outside and running in the rain. So what if I get wet?
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