Ready to get our absolutely own HVAC again

I’ve called so many times that I’m easily just going to give up.

My spouse in addition to I are residing in a rental apartment right now after selling our house.

The market was so colorless boiling in our region that the two of us just had to go for it. But that also meant that the two of us would have to rent for a while to figure out just what the two of us wanted to do next. From afternoon 1, the heating in addition to cooling equipment in this apartment has not been up to snuff. That is just so annoying to me. Other than the completely outdated HVAC equipment, this apartment isn’t all that bad. I savor the location in addition to the people around us have been fantastic neighbors thus far. But the rental supplier just hasn’t done anything about the weak sauce that is the air conditioner in our site. Well, they’ve done next to nothing I suppose. They keep sending out this handyman that takes care of stuff on the property. I asked him if he had any sort of heating in addition to cooling experience. To his credit, he answered truthfully in addition to that would be no HVAC training whatsoever. He simply does the same things over in addition to over again however there is just no change in how the HVAC equipment is working. But me calling the rental supplier does nothing. They simply ignore me as they figure I’m just around for a little bit. One thing that has come from all this is some extreme motivation to get to wherever it is that the two of us are going. I so long to have our absolutely own HVAC equipment once again.


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