Real estate lawyer was just what we needed

My uncle Ben died before he was 70 years old.

Ben was healthy for the most part.

He walked every morning outside and never smoked anything in his whole life. Ben didn’t even eat meat or foods that were heavy in butter. Honestly, no single person ever thought our uncle would have a heart attack and die in his sleep. Our entire family was devastated by the news. It was apparent that my uncle was not expecting death either, because he did not have an estate planner or a lawyer. In fact, my uncle didn’t have a will at all. My brothers and I had a lot of trouble settling everything with the estate. It took over a year before they released the life insurance, however during that time, my siblings and I had a lot of affairs to settle for my uncle. Both of us had to retain an estate lawyer to help with some of the documentation. Luckily, a neighbor of ours knew an estate lawyer from college. The estate lawyer talked to my brothers and I about our own plans for the future and our house, cars, and stocks. My brothers and I didn’t have a solid program either, and the lawyer helped us set up all of the documents. The estate lawyer handled everything and explained each portion of the process with my brothers and I. If something happens to any of us, we will not have to worry about our estate, inheritance, or anything else.