Reasons to Replace Your Furnace with Ductless Heating

In order for a furnace to work, you have to have an air duct system. Air ducts push heated air out of the furnace lodgeet and distribute it throughout the house. You don’t need ducts for quality condo heating. You can skip the air duct entirely with a ductless mini-split heat pump. Consider ductless heating if your furnace is nearing the end of its lifetime. Ductless heating systems work congruently with ductless cooling systems. The heat pump that provides warmth during the Winter months can also switch into air conditioner mode during the warm Summer months. With one unit you can resolve two big problems! You need special dampers in your ventilation system if you want zone control heating with a furnace. However, ductless systems use individual blowers in different rooms, so zone heating is already included. You can shut off the blowers for rooms that don’t require heat, and people can adjust the individual blowers for their own comfort. Dust and debris can collect in the ducts in your home. This dust will be blown into the air by the furnace. Ductless systems detach this source of air contamination to improve indoor air conditions. Because ductless mini splits are heat pumps, they do not need to burn any fuel to create heat. Instead, they use a small amount of electricity to power their components to transfer heat from one area to the other. Switching from a furnace to a heat pump can mean savings of up to 30% off your heating bills. All these advantages sound fantastic, however ductless heating isn’t right for every home. There may be efficiency complications with heat pumps in severely chilly weather, and abandoning existing ducts may not be a wise decision. Choosing the right heating idea depends on your home situation.