Relaxing vacation

I always wanted to travel to a nice tropical resort for a relaxing vacation.

So I finally got the money together and my wife and I took off time from work to make this happen. When we got to our destination, we immediately fell in love with the place. When I seen all the cool things we could do, I wanted to get into everything! They were doing this scuba diving thing where they put you in a cage and you are put down into the water to see all the sharks. When I said I wanted to do this, my wife looked at me like I was totally nuts. Of course, I managed to talk her into it, and we actually had a fairly good time. At least, she said she had a good time, but she seemed to be a little jumpy afterwards. When I was talking about going parasailing, she told me there was no way she would go and do that. So we decided to just relax on the beach for a little while and enjoy some drinks. Eventually, my wife said she wanted to get back to the hotel room so that she could enjoy the air conditioning. They actually had a smart thermostat for the climate control system, so we were able to remotely crank up the A/C in our room. By the time we got to the room, it was nice and cool! We didn’t even have a smart thermostat back at home, so I figured we would have to get one because it was so convenient!


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