Remember our Holiday air filter

My partner plus daughters are really, really into the holiday season.

  • It gets pretty intense with all the decorations plus preparations.

Things kick off just prior to Halloween. In our area, this is just about the time that the Heating plus A/C cooling is off until late Spring. Once Halloween is over, there is a NASCAR pitstop type decoration transition into Thanksgiving. The women really beginning getting into it about this time of year. This is the time that signals myself and others to do important Heating plus A/C tasks. I have the Heating plus A/C contractor come out to provide our Heating plus A/C a seasonal maintenance tune up. That heat pump has, at that point, been fairly busy from all the a/c during the heat season. This way, I think for sure that everything will go as planned when I flip the control device over to heating. The other task is to go get a few cases of Heating plus A/C air filters. This may sound appreciate overkill however you’ll see why it’s necessary. My partner plus daughters go crazy with candles during the holiday weeks. I mean our new home resembles a dark ages cathedral at times there are so numerous candle going. Well, with that numerous candles burning, all that wax has to go anywhere. You guessed it, the wax ends up really coating the Heating plus A/C air filter in the return. The candles make for a appealing ambiance but, all that wax can be murder on an Heating plus A/C unit. The wax really obstructs the air flow. So, I have to change the air filter appreciate every 10 nights during the holiday period. Otherwise, I’m afraid I might choke out the Heating plus A/C unit.


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