Repairing the air conditioner myself

I am so proud of myself right now. With no help from anyone, I was able to fix my air conditioner! This is something that has never happened for me in my adult life! Repairing something on my own is something I’ve never been able to do. Fixing things and completing home improvement projects are not my skill. It’s just not my strong suit; honestly, I am great at lots of other things. For instance, watching movies, reading books, eating delicious slices of pizza! I am not usually good at anything else, when it involves critical thinking or tools of some sort. Dad never taught me how to fix things when I was growing up. He wasn’t particularly a handy type of guy, either, so was there even much I could learn from him when it came to stuff like that? Anyway, last week, my air conditioning broke down in our home. Somehow, I was able to figure out what the complication was myself. I looked up a video online; I watched it over and over until it made sense to me. Then I purchased the little part that I needed at the local hardware store, and I fixed it. Now, my air conditioning is working just great and I am beyond impressed with myself. This newfound ability to repair things around the house causes me to wonder if I might go into business as a handyman or something!



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