Repairing the fireplace

The radiator system in our new home is composed of a few different radiators – one on the first floor in our living room area, & the other on the 2nd floor in the hallway between our bedroom & washroom, then since there’s more than one radiators in the house, the boiler in the basement that we have actually tends to work double-time to keep both systems running, however it doesn’t constantly work without a problem happening here and there… Recently, I had to pay some pretty big bucks out of my pocket to get our boiler repaired, & the piping leading to the radiators themselves, and that’s the thing – no one ever tells you that using a radiator means you have to keep antifreeze in the pipes! There is no instruction book anywhere that will actually tell you these things.

  • I left my new home for a few afternoons for a work-related trip out of town, & it totally slipped my mind all together to put the chemicals into our pipes! When I came home from work, I had a big mess to wash up all together.

Water destruction in your home is really no joke! Well, I guess it’s a wonderful thing that I don’t mind cutting wood to keep a fire going in our fireplace in the living room area; After the extensive repair bills for the radiators & boiler, & the cleanup costs from the water disfigure and damage it did, I’ll be sticking to a fireplace as our heat source for a long time! I really do not need the hassle from the old radiator system in my home to be totally honest with you all.


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