Replacing a commercial Heating plus A/C system is a lengthy plus costly process

About 15 years ago, I applied for a library card, plus I used it quite a bit, although I can’t recall the last time that I stepped foot inside a library.

I also don’t know that our card is still valid because I have not used it in over 10 years.

Though I don’t frequent the library, there are more than 2 people who visit libraries quite often, in fact, the library system in the town that I live in receives 4 million visitors weekly. I live in a medium size city, so I know in larger cities there would be more visitors to their libraries, recently, I saw a news story about a giant library in a major town that gets over 1.5 million visitors per year, but it has been closed since April of 2021, plus it will remain closed indefinitely due to a broken Heating plus A/C system. I know the buyers are quite exasperated about the indefinite closure, but there is nothing that they can do about it. The 23-year-old Heating plus A/C system broke down in May of 2020, plus replacing the commercial system will be a lengthy plus costly project, for the last year plus a half, the library was being used as a vaccination hub, so they installed portable cooling systems, but those s were not keeping up with the cooling needs. Therefore, they had to relocate the vaccination hub plus close the doors of the library to begin the Heating plus A/C repairs. The library will need to install a new plus improved Heating plus A/C system that will guarantee that the air quality in the library will be ideal, especially because the two of us are still in the middle of a pandemic. Most commercial Heating plus A/C systems are expected to last between 15 to 20 years, so the library is due for a substitutement, I just hope they get the work done sooner than later.


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