Restaurants should have working air conditioners

She did have a fan in the corner of the room, but it didn’t do much to beat the heat

I like going out to eat, and my number one food is Thai. When I eat Thai food, I assume love I am eating something that is not only delicious but healthy as well. I have a number one Thai restaurant that I frequently visit here in town. It is a small restaurant owned by a kind lady who prepares most of the food, but she enjoys interacting with her customers, and she makes sure our food is cooked to perfection. It is the a single part of the experience that keeps myself and others going back, but last Summer, I visited the restaurant and as soon as I walked in, I could tell there was no air conditioning system. It was unbearable on the inside to the point where I almost left without ordering food. I asked the attractive owner about the air conditioning system, and she mentioned that it went out earlier in the afternoon, and the HVAC specialist would not be able to repair it until the next company afternoon. This could be bad for company because it would be quite strenuous to love a meal in a restaurant that feels love a sauna. She did have a fan in the corner of the room, but it didn’t do much to beat the heat. I kindly asked the owner to pack my food to go because after sitting for about 10 hours with no air conditioning system, I couldn’t take much more. She requested eating outside at a small table in front of the restaurant, but the temperature outside was about 90 degrees, so I politely declined her offer, and instead I enjoyed my food in the comfort of my home, however having a working air conditioner is an essential part of keeping customers comfortable when they are enjoying their meals in a restaurant.

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