Returning to a gymnastic style workout program

I began taking gymnastic lessons when I was only three years old.

Right away, I loved it.

I displayed a natural talent for the requirements, and it didn’t take long before I made it onto the competitive team. I devoted a ton of hours at the gym every day. Gymnastics is a very physically strenuous sport. It takes a lot of flexibility, balance, strength and coordination. I never had any issue or worried about my diet or how much I ate. I burned a great deal of calories during each workout session. I maintained peak physical condition all through school and college. After I graduated and joined the workforce, I quit my gymnastics training. It didn’t take long before I dealt with some weight gain. I also began having issues with stiffness plus soreness. I started to notice that my sleep patterns and general mood were deteriorating. I wasn’t happy with being stuck at a desk all day and getting no exercise. I felt sluggish. I knew I needed to rearrange my schedule and set aside time for physical activities. While I’m not competing any longer, I’ve returned to my gymnastic training methods. I’ve created a home gym with a fairly big space layered in mats. I obviously don’t have access to parallel bars, balance beam or a vault in my house. I still manage to practice a broad range of skills. My workouts include handstands, walkovers, aerials, handsprings and front and back tucks. I normally spend an hour on my workout every morning, and I always look forward to it. I am devoted to maintaining and improving my strength and skill level. I’ve returned my body to peak physical condition and finally feel good about myself again.

Training methods