Reusable Air Filters to Save Money and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Over the past five years or so, I’ve been trying to reduce my carbon footprint.

It all started when I purchased my first house and I realized how much trash I was throwing away.

Every week, I’d carry a massive amount of trash to the corner of my driveway just like everyone else in the neighborhood and it just felt wasteful. I was throwing away tons of uneaten food, used cardboard and containers and it was killing me to think about. I wish I could say that I started off slow, but I didn’t. Once I realized that I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint, I went the extra mile to make a big impact. Not only did I begin recycling and composting, but I began buying things that could be reused over and over again rather than tossed in the trash after one use. For example, I quit buying air filters that needed to be thrown out and I purchased two reusable air filters. They can be easily washed with warm water and soap and reused so that I’m not constantly throwing out used ones. Air filters aren’t terribly expensive, but they add up over time, especially if I’m replacing it every three or four months. I purchased two reusable air filters because I wanted time to wash the filter out before reusing it again. This way, I can immediately replace the air filter without needing to wash it right away. Not buying new air filters will not only reduce my carbon footprint but it will also save me money.
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