Roommate calls me about the ac

This last weekend, I was visiting my friends in another city, then i was about 5 hours away from current home when I gained a call from my roommate.

  • She informed myself and others that the air conditioning in our house was not laboring! It was a Sunday, so he would have to wait for the following afternoon to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier to schedule a repair.

I was shopping with my friend when I got the call. I knew it would be a long drive current home plus that I would want to sleep comfortably in my house. I thought about the fan that I have plus if it would keep myself and others cool enough throughout the night. It would only be a few days, plus I know I would be okay because the weather was starting to cool off, however regardless, someone was going to have to wait on the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier plus make sure the bill got sent to the landlord. Rachel usually deals with all that, however he was leaving town this week. I also knew that I might have to go to another state for work this week, so I might not be available, however every one of us decided to ask our friend to wait for the call from our landlord about the Heating plus Air Conditioning repair, then they were able to come out numerous afternoons later. I met the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier on my lunch chop plus he was able to handle it all right then. Thankfully, it was a quick fix

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