Save Energy on Small Business HVAC systems

The process of saving on small business energy costs can be made easier by examining your company’s energy consumption one area at a time. Let’s look at heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Your HVAC can save energy if you follow these tips. Search for air leaks at your business location to save energy. There’s no point in heating or cooling the outdoors! Have the energy-auditor check windows and doors for leaks. Install programmable thermostats. You can reduce the temperature when no one is around with these thermostats. Your HVAC system can use up to 10 percent less power if your office temperature is one degree lower in winter and one degree higher in summer! Keep your equipment maintained. Most cooling and heating equipment requires annual maintenance. When applying energy saving ideas at work, do not oversize replacement equipment. Equipment that is oversized during installation can lead to excess sunk costs over the equipment’s operational lifetime and increase capital investment costs. You can ask a certified HVAC professional if your current equipment is adequate or too big, and if it’s operating efficiently. Maintain air filters. Manufacturers recommend changing every month, while others recommend every three months. Dirty filters reduce air flow and make the system work harder, which wastes energy. By keeping the filters clean, you prevent dust and dirt from entering the system, which can lead to expensive maintenance. Make sure your ducts are sealed. Forced air furnaces, central air conditioners, and heat pumps use ducts to move air. If they are not sealed properly, they can be big energy drains and waste money. There are lots of ways to save energy at work, and these are simply a few suggestions.

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