Save on those cooling bills

I’ve made the decision that this year is going to be my year! I’m already planning to be much more frugal with my spending this year and I’m starting with the money that I spend on my heating and cooling costs, however but I usually like to set my control machine way too low in the summer, since I’m the guy who enjoys to have it entirely cold inside when I’m sleeping, and but this year, I’m not planning anytime soon to turn the control machine down nearly as low.

I’m resolving to keep my a/c set around 75 degrees this summer.

I have a strong feeling that’s a great temperature and so no matter how hot I get, I’m going to keep the air conditioning system at that level. I did a little bit of online research too and I found some other ways to help keep the cooling costs cheap over the summer. I’m thinking its best to change out my air filters and make sure that all of my vents and air ducts are clear and free of dust and debris. I also found out that you’re not supposed to place appliances anyplace around your control machine unit. That’s because certain appliances give off heat and they can make your control machine turn the a/c on more often than it should! I’m scheduling to move my wine refrigerator out of the hallway because it’s right underneath the control unit, besides that, I’m planning to seal some cracks around the windows and doors in my house. On top of that I’m going to invest in some window darkening shades to keep the sun from heating up the condo in the late afternoon. With so many of these energy savings tips at my disposal, I will hopefully end up with lower a/c bills this year!
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