Saving energy with less oil furnace usage, and that’s definitely a savings!

For the past month now, I have been scrimping as much as I could stand.

As my life slowly gets rebuilt from the dirt, I must say that it’s been a difficult learning experience to say the least.

Prior to this point in my life, money was never any substantial issue. Between my partner and I, we were making enough each month to cover bills and have plenty to spare for fun. But, this Summer brought the end of our relationship – and our living situation. Since my ex took a good amount of money and belongings, I had to practically start all over again. It has been an uphill battle as far as establishing a regular adult life! Despite this, I managed to get my own apartment. It’s a big step in the right direction for sure, though the landlord really needs to get bent. I am living with a sub-par air conditioning system that barely works. I cannot get the darn thing fixed on my own! It first started to pump out all this sizzling hot air, and so I went online to look up ways to repair the plan on my PC. With no luck, I then turned to traditional means of complaining to management. Still no luck! At this point, I think I’ll just call the HVAC service technicians to handle the repair myself.


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