Saving on a/c service

I’ve been looking for ways to save more money because the bills seem higher than my income.

I’ve had the air conditioning business send an air conditioning professional to look at my a/c setup once every year since the initial air conditioning install was done three years ago.

I also have the air conditioning filter replaced every three months for efficient climate control all year round, as recommended. The a/c repairman checks on the vents, ducts, and other parts of my central air conditioner, and so far, I haven’t had any a/c repair done. I feel like I’ve been doing too much with a/c care and could save some money if I reduced the number of a/c service visits I have scheduled and could do some DIY on the basics, like replacing the filter and cleaning some parts of the unit. I’m keen on saving, so my unit has a digital thermostat that has made it easy to set the temperatures to comfortable degrees based on whether I’m home. I visited the air conditioning company and asked for tips on how I could save money on the air conditioner, and they told me there are many ways to save without compromising on maintenance. One of their best recommendations was to turn off the a/c during the hours when electricity is most expensive so the bills would be lower. I’m also looking to increase the size of my kitchen window to allow more air in from the outside because I cook a lot which generates a lot of heat in the house, forcing the AC to work harder. Lastly, the only service I will get every three months is the filter replacement, while everything else will be done once a year which will save me money.

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