Scared to run the HVAC

My friend just got engaged plus to celebrate her engagement a few of us went down south to visit her! Every one of us were looking forward to getting away from the chilly weather for a bit plus love some more milder weather. When all of us got there the temperature was in the 50s all of us saw this as hot compared to the 20 degree weather that we have experienced all winter. Every one of us unloaded our bags plus she showed us to the rooms that all of us would be staying in. Her modern home is older plus looked care about it was built in the 1950s. The modern home had central heating plus cooling however there wasn’t a whole ton of air registers. The air registers were not on the floor they were on the bottom of the wall. I woke up so many times while in the night plus I was start to worry if the heat was even on. I was genuinely chilly plus I went downstairs to grab an extra blanket so I could stay warm. As I was passing by the wall I saw the control equipment plus took a look at the temperature it was set to. It said the control equipment was set to 63 degrees. I thought that was genuinely chilly however I did not want to touch the control unit, I felt care about it wasn’t our locale to do so.  So I went plus grabbed another blanket plus luckily I stayed hot throughout the night. I just wish that there was heat coming out of the air registers so I could stay nice plus hot throughout the night.

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