Seal up that beach house – temperature gun shows air leakage and that’s no good here

All my life I have been hearing about Energy Efficiency as if it were the final fix I needed.

It seems to relate to finances, climate change – everything these days.

It’s probably the most major social revolution of my generation! Since all of us have become obsessed with improving our Energy Efficiency in some way or another, reducing our energy expenditure as a whole is the goal. Energy bills cost a ton of money for obvious reasons, namely our heavy household appliances. If we’re still extremely tied up in reducing our reliance on energy, we will need to keep working on using air purifiers and other special cleaning tools for improving air quality. Human activities create more air pollution than we can currently contend with! That of course means we either need to reduce our energy expenditure and the harmful products created by energy usage overall, or we can start working on finding a way to filter out all the bad pollutants in the air before it gets released into the environment! I am a big fan of these ideas overall, so I expected that several major corporations are also interested – if not for improving the environment, at least for the tax break it will likely result in for them! It’s honestly best to start this air quality revolution at home, where you can improve efficiency with recycling and energy consumption directly.

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