Security idea for safety of adolescents

My hubby and I both work demanding jobs that require long hours, however when our children were younger, both of us arranged for after-school care.

Now that they are twelve, fourteen and sixteen, they don’t want babysitting… They are easily outdated enough to be on their own for a couple of hours, however, I was distraught about them getting off the bus to an empty house, but i wanted to make sure that they arrived and got inside safely.

I needed some way to check up on their whereabouts and set our mind at ease… My hubby and I decided to invest in a condo security system. It has gave the perfect solution. The wireless idea includes motion-activated lights, surveillance cameras, automated door lockers, window sensors, smoke detectors and occupancy sensors. I now get an alert on our cellphone when the adolescents get home. Through a user-friendly app, I can easily watch them head up the sidewalk and step through the door. They’re able to unlock the door with a code, so I don’t need to be worried about them misplacing a key. I can make sure that they don’t bring unapproved friends condo with them. I assume that in the event of an emergency, our hubby and I will receive alerts and the regular authorities will get notified right away. I have confidence that the house is totally secure. When I arrive condo from work, the occupancy sensor takes care of turning on outdoor lights and opening up the garage door! Adding the security idea has also lowered our condo owner’s insurance premium.

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