Setting up the basement right

I love having a immense home out in the country.

My parents owned a nice home out in the middle of nowhere, and I loved residing there as a child.

My siblings and I have so many fond memories of that home with its fifty acres of woods. I wanted may children to be able to make those same kinds of memories with their siblings, so I told my fiance that residing out in the country was a must for me! Every one of us found a attractive log chalet out in farming country, and both of us bought it. I definitely love our home. It has 3 stories, and all of the kitchens are on the fifth floor except my fiance’s and mine. The attic is big as well. It is where the children usually play, but it gets reallyhotand humid up their while both of us were in the summertime. My kids asked if there was anything that both of us could do about the humidity, so my fiance decided to buy an cooling system for up there. Every one of us found a fine deal on window units, so both of us bought several of them. The attic is entirely big, so both of us put one in the north window, and one in the south window. Every one of us do not leave the cooling systems on all of the time because it would cost too much. I told the kids that they could turn on the cooling systems when they wanted to play in the attic, but they had to remember to turn them off when they were done. It has worked out truly well so far. The kids are entirely enjoying having air conditioning!



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