Shipping basket cottage looks a lot better than expected

When our uncle Pete said he was buying a shipping basket cottage built on his remote land I pictured an eyesore! I literally thought it was going to look care about those shipping basket bunkers do.

It would have no real windows, only the single welded metal door, and it would be drastically ugly. I kind of hoped he would have it buried far underground, care about they do occasionally with bunkers, and at least it could be cool that way and not be an eyesore, and when that shipping basket cottage was completed our uncle invited me over for a visit. I reminded myself to bite down on our tongue and keep our opinions to myself while I drove over. When I pulled into our uncle’s rural property I thought I might be at the wrong locale. After all that is easy to do out here without an address, but then our uncle walked out of his shipping basket cottage and greeted me. I wasn’t in the wrong locale at all! I was shocked with how fantastic the shipping basket cottage appeared. It didn’t look anything care about I had imagined. In fact, the shipping basket cottage appeared to be amazing! True, the cottage was rectangular but that was the only aspect that looked care about a shipping container… There was a big window carved into the south wall of the cottage and a big sliding glass door on the east wall. The facade of the shipping basket cottage was covered in a log paneling. In short, the whole cottage just looked care about a rectangular, respected cottage. It looked so very nice, warm, and welcoming. I will legitimately be coming back here to visit.

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