Shutting the place down while we make some changes

A lot of local business owners are very upset about the health rules and regulations due to the Coronavirus.

I have a small restaurant and bar on the beach and we have been open every day the past 17 years.

The only time the bar and restaurant has closed down was during the time of a hurricane. When I found out that we would not be able to entertain guests in the dining room, I decided to shut the restaurant down and make some repairs. Every time the restaurant was closed for hurricane winds and rain, I didn’t have any time to make repairs. I was way behind and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to fix some repairs I was putting off for years and years. One thing that I wanted to do was install air conditioning equipment around the outdoor bar area. It’s always very hot and humid outside, but a lot of my patrons like to sit outside and smell the ocean breeze. We have 6 ceiling fans running, but they barely help at all. We decided to add to mini split air conditioners in the bar area. One air conditioner is near the entrance and the other air conditioner is near the rear of the seating area. When we finally reopen, all of our customers are going to be very happy with the new changes. Summer weather won’t be such a challenging problem for patrons that want to enjoy a margarita, beer, or cocktail near the waves and the surf. With two air conditioners, I think the area will be much cooler and a lot more comfortable.
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