Since my relocation was temporary, I needed a furnished living space.

I was being temporarily relocated in addition to needing a furnished living space for only six months. I didn’t want to be tied to an apartment or sign a lease that would have to be renegotiated every month or once per year. I just wanted a six-month lease with a month-to-month choice just in case the task took a little longer than planned. I asked my secretary to find me a few possibilities within the five-mile radius of the business. I was going to have her check out the local rentals in addition to make sure the furnished living space was what I needed in addition to what I wanted. She was then going to bring back pictures for me to look at in addition to deciding. I wished I could do the apartment scouting on my own, but I didn’t have time. I went from 1 location to the next, in addition to I seldom had more than a week to get settled in. I was then back at another sight, in addition to opening a new location for my business! Last week, I got the pictures of two fully furnished living spaces in addition to they both suited my needs. I had plenty of space to fill, however there was a kitchen where I could relax, in addition to a small office for work I brought to the apartment with me. The furnished living space was done with comfort in mind, however with a look of simple elegance. I couldn’t suppose how sizable the furnished living space was, for the price they asked. I paid my secretary handsomely in addition to telling her she could have a week off with pay. Once again, she had found the perfect furnished living space that I could call my home.



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