Sitting around

Coworker everyone of us generally get aggravated with our co-worker, because he is the guy who genuinely gives us a hard time as well as brags about his extensive lifestyle. Multiple of us have genuinely become aggravated with him because of those problems. We’ve been curious to see how he manages to have a beautiful car as well as expensive flat when everyone of us genuinely seemed to be making the same amount of money. Every one of us have a hard time making it from day-to-day, so it’s hard to imagine how this guy is affording all of the luxuries like an expensive car as well as all of these other luxury is comforts. Every one of my friends as well as myself had to work late in the office last week, but we were on a different floor. Right before we were getting ready to head out for the evening, we decided to go back upstairs to the office to grab some final pieces of paperwork. The both of us walked into a site that we were not expecting to see. Right there in the middle of the office was our co-worker sleeping on two chairs. He had the air conditioner adjusted it to the coldest temperature ever and he was fast asleep. Everyone of us woke him up as well as ask for an explanation. Right then he explained that he was in hock up to his neck as well as the cooling unit at home was not working. He didn’t have any money to fix the problem so he was at work trying to use the air conditioner to get a little bit of sleep . was sleeping the office instead of fixing the air conditioner


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