Skirting around the truth

My friends always say I’m a special type of person, because I always take such wonderful care of our HVAC system! I don’t believe this entirely makes me special, even though I suppose it’s easily noticeable that I love to keep everything in wonderful working order in our household.

  • I keep everything exceptionally clean, plus I keep up with our HVAC plan maintenance, then of course, I have a secret that not everybody knows; while other people are calling for pricey HVAC maintenance, I am actually enrolled with an HVAC maintenance plan.

I don’t even have to call the HVAC company for our maintenance, they call me! Honestly, I was so blissful when I enrolled with the HVAC maintenance plan because it was something that would save me a ton of currency, plus I don’t even have to remember to call up the HVAC company all the time! So while all these people are in the struggle with that HVAC plan maintenance, for me, it’s basically automatic! I haven’t even told our buddies that I am enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan because I love them complimenting me all the time with how well I take care of the HVAC system. I believe eventually I will have to tell them though, so they can start saving currency just like me; Then I can tell them how wonderful they are doing with HVAC plan maintenance. It’s not that they do bad, their air quality isn’t even bad. Of course, it helps that they use high quality air filters in their HVAC systems.


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