Sleeping in a chilly hotel

I love to sleep in my dining room chilly chilly as well as with the fan going on high too. I think that to most people that might sound crazy however I love being chilly as well as snuggling up in my comforter, however I think that’s not going to last for too long because my wifey hates sleeping in the cold. It’s easily hard for us because she hates the chilly so much that it’s starting to cause complications in our marriage because she easily can’t sleep with the air conditioner blasting… For me I can absolutely sleep with the air conditioner not blasting but it’s just what I prefer. So I decided that it would be best for me to reserve my chilly air conditioner habits when I travel for work as well as I get to sleep in a hotel room. I easily travel quite a bit for work so it works out that I am in a hotel room at least once a week! So I am able to set the thermostat to sixty degrees as well as I am living my best life, and the best part about blasting the air conditioner in my hotel room is that I am saving my marriage. I think that might sound dramatic, but when the people I was with and I work on our sleeping arrangements love this our marriage improves as well as the people I was with and I can focus on other things as well as not the Heating & Air Conditioning program in our house. I think the people I was with and I are also saving money by doing this as well which is awesome!


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