Smart temperature control helps us save money

My family plus I have manufactured watches for half a century.

  • My Grandpa l acquired how to make watches, when he was in World War 1, he was stationed anywhere in Europe, plus he took up watchmaking as a interest.

My Grandpa made a pocket watch, when he was only 22 years old. My dad still keeps that watch in his pocket at all times. When our Dad decided to follow in our grand dad’s footsteps, they opened a small jewelry repair plus watch making business. At the time, the building was brand new, now that building has been resting there for 35 years plus it’s totally falling apart. The electric bills are killing us, plus both of us are paying a fortune just to heat plus cool the commercial space. I talked to the heating plus cooling supplier about our bills, plus they requested buying a programmable temperature control. At the time, I was unofficial with programmable temperature controls plus all of their features. The heating plus cooling serviceman took some time to explain how the programmable temperature control works plus how it can help our supplier save money. At night, both of us keep the indoor temperatures much higher than during the day. All of us have the temperature control programmed to adjust indoor temperatures from 9 p.m. until 7 AM. Since our watch store opens at 8, both of us have the temperature programmed to change an hour before that. By the time our dad plus I arrive to work, the indoor temperature is cool plus crisp again. I really hope the new temperature control help save some money, because I am hoping to invest in a new unit next week.

a/c workman