So many upgrades

I’m so damn thankful for the way I grew up.

It wouldn’t be for everybody that’s for sure.

With that being said, I was fortunate to have a great family plus our upbringing prepared myself and others for the life I lead this week. The people I was with and I just weren’t all that well off. My father was a professor plus our mom was a homemaker who did some space time stuff once all of us were ancient enough. However, what they lacked in money they more than made up for with love. Our beach house didn’t have much in the way of new Heating plus Air Conditioning. To be real with you, all of us had a wood stove for heat plus an evaporative cooler for the summer season heat. The wood stove did just fine as our Wintertime didn’t require much more of a heating method. But the summer season was another set of circumstances. The heat in that region was intense plus I made every excuse I could to stay with a friend on the weekend to get some real Heating plus Air Conditioning cooling. For some reason, our parents still live in that house. Dad is retired plus mom still does a bit of space time work just to stay active. Somehow, they are still dealing with the summer season heat with the swamp cooler. That is until our siblings and I saved up enough cash just to surprise them with many ductless heating & cooling units. Now, Dad doesn’t have to worry so much with the wood all Wintertime. And both of them can now relax in the cooling comfort of new a/c. They were so surprised to get this that our dad was moved to tears. That was a sight to see. But it was nothing compared to all the love they offered us in that house.


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