Some great years

A long time ago, I had to move to the East Coast from the West. This meant that I had to leave all my friends behind. Well, eventually I was able to make new friends, but it definitely wasn’t the same. Nobody could compare to my best friends back in the West. When I finally graduated from high school, I got into a nice college back in the West. When I told my buddies out west about this, they were really excited that we would be able to hang out again. They were actually attending a college as well and said we could all be roommates. This sounded fabulous to me because I missed my friends so much and now we would be able to hang out all the time as we would be living together. So when I moved out west and we all got a rental house, everything was fantastic. We all ate out at a nice restaurant and caught up on things. One thing that was difficult for everybody, was agreeing on the temperature control settings in the house. My buddies seemed to like it really hot in the house. I prefer air conditioning to be cranked up. We all talked about this, and one of my buddies suggested that I get a window AC unit for my room. I felt that was a good solution to the problem, so I would be able to blast the AC as much as I wanted without affecting the rest of the household. When I got the new window AC unit, everything was just fine. Living with my best buddies was definitely some of the best years of my life.